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7 inches, and height 3 feet 10 inches. The horns of this fine
Sheep may measure more than five feet round the curves.
The JRocky Mountain Bighorn (Q. tnontanti) is a Sheep ranging
along the Rockies as far south as ISTew Mexico, and also to the
far north; they are not confined to the chain of mountains
mentioned, but occur also on the mountains of British Colombia
down to those of California. The horns are not quite as large

FiO. 171,  Himalayan Bun-hoi Sheep.     OmslrwrrheL.

as those  of  the   last  species, hut  measurements  give a length
(along the curve) of 32 to 40 inches,
Just as the Goats are often limited to islands and small
stretches of country., so axe the Sheep. Thus Cyprus has a
species, O. ophion, peculiar to itself. This, which is known as
the Cyprus Mouflon, is limited to a range of mountains, the
Iteodos, in that island. In 1878 it was believed that the
was nearly exterminated, a flock of twenty-five members
mirviving. 'They have, however, since increased. Confined